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ASG Capital LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor which provides
Investment Advisory Services to Institutions, Corporations and High Net Worth Individuals.

Ygal Cohen ASG Capital CEO

Ygal Cohen

President & CEO, Founding, Managing Partner
Executive Board Member & Senior Portfolio Manager

Ygal Cohen founded ASG Capital in July 2008 in Miami, USA.

Prior to creating ASG Capital, Ygal spent over twelve years working for various Wall Street firms including Prudential-Wachovia Securities as a Director-Investments, and Jefferies Inc. as a Senior Vice President of Investments.

Ygal was in charge of the Sales Trading Activities in the Preferred Securities, Subordinated Debt Market and Hybrid Corporates, in collaboration with the Syndicate and Trading Desks in NY & London.

Ygal’s investment experience has been focused on Advising on a discretionary and non discretionary basis on Fixed Income instruments for Institutional Investors mainly in Europe (Pension Funds, Family Offices, Private Banks) and High Net Worth Individuals.

Ygal has a Master’s Degree in Finance from Paris, IX Dauphine University(France).

Married with 2 childrens. Passionate about Golf & Tennis.

Steven Groslin - ASG Capital

Steven Groslin

Partner, Executive Board Member & Senior Portfolio Manager

Steven Groslin Joined ASG Capital in January 2014. Prior to this, Steven spent over thirteen years trading Fixed Income for the Natixis Group in Paris. Before joining Natixis Steven worked for six years in Fixed Income lending in Paris and five years in Retail Banking in France and the UK.

Steven Groslin has a Bachelor Degree in European Accounting and Finance from Leeds Metropolitan University (UK) and LeHavre/Caen Business School (France).

Caroline Sebaoun-Cohen ASG Capital

Caroline Sebaoun-Cohen

Business Development & Marketing

Caroline Sebaoun-Cohen joined ASG CAPITAL in May 2015 as in charge of International Business Development.
Prior to ASG, Caroline spent five years as an accountant at SOGESCO, a French CPA Firm in Paris, and worked over six years at JADE ASSOCIATES, a US CPA Firm based in Miami, in charge of Accounting and Taxes for Individuals and International Corporations.

Caroline has a Bachelor Degree in French Accounting and Finance in Paris, France (DECF), studying at Ecole Supérieure de Gestion et d’Expertise Comptable (CPA AND FINANCE SCHOOL).

Noubar Torossian ASG Capital

Noubar Torossian

Middle-Office Operations Manager

Noubar Torossian has seventeen years experience in handling Funds daily operations.

Before joining ASG Capital, Noubar worked over thirteen years for New York based Hedge Fund March Partners.

Noubar has a Bachelor Degree in Accounting from The City University of New York, Queens College, New York.

Steven Thomas ASG-Capital

Steven Thomas

Chief Compliance Consultant

 Steve was for 8 years the Chief Compliance Examiner for the South Dakota State Securities Division and was for 4 years Director of Compliance Services for RIA in a Box / Lexington Compliance. SGL Financial, LLC lured Steve away from Lexington in July of 2014 to provide Chief Compliance and Chief Operations Officer duties. Mr. Thomas now also provides dedicated and specialized compliance services to a limited number of state and SEC registered investment advisory firms through Thomas RIA Compliance, LLC. As a state regulator and compliance consultant Mr. Thomas conducted over 450 office compliance audits including routine and for cause investigations. Steve’s diversified background as a securities salesperson, state securities regulator, RIA chief compliance officer and compliance consultant allow me to provide compliance and business operations guidance from a unique perspective.

Amandine Pannier Lorenzo ASG Capital Miami

Amandine Pannier Lorenzo

Middle Office Operations

Amandine Pannier Lorenzo joined ASG Capital team in 2018 to manage the office communication and the middle office operations. She worked in France, Spain and Canada, in charge of the communication, business development and customer service. Her practice led her to work in different fields: bank, non-profit organization, collection, medical and pharmaceutical. Amandine has a Project Management License from the Rouen University in France and a master’s degree in Communication, from the Alicante University of Spain.

Marie Claire Treaton ASG Capital Miami

Marie-Claire Treanton

Non Executive board Member

Marie-Claire Treanton has spent 24 years with BNPP group. She started her career in the international affairs department and then as of 1987 joined the trading room as International Equity arbitragist trader and Merger arb trader (US, Japan, gold mines and continental europe stocks). In 1994 she started and developed the equity finance trading desk and then as of 2001 The Marketing and Sales desk for Equity Finance with personnalize monetization structured trades and Flow trades for institutions,Pension funds.

She founded Infine Partners in 2007 .

Mrs Marie-Claire Treanton is a Non-Executive Board Member of ASG Capital in charge of distribution. She has Master’s Degrees in Economics and Finance from Paris University XIII and CNAM (France)

Marie-Claire Treanton is not based in the United States of America.

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