Asset management

Dynamic Investment Approach

With its in-house Investment Funds, ASG Capital invests through a strategic allocation of its Assets in a Globally Diversified Portfolio seeking to generate Income returns and Capital gain.

ASG Capital selects individual assets and investment vehicles with a proven track record of performance and a potential of sustainable earnings.

  • Actively allocates to Fixed Income instruments of well known household issuers: Senior and Subordinated Debt, Preferred Securities, Hybrid Securities, Contingent Convertible Bonds, Convertible Bonds…
  • Uses a Flexible allocation method to achieve consistent Risk adjusted Returns within a highly diversified income portfolio.


Investment selection

ASG Capital carefully selects Investments in Companies and Investment vehicles based on a number of characteristics:

  • Financial Stability, Cash Flow, Performance to date and future Profit Sustainability. ASG Capital seeks to determine the investment’s income and capital gain potential over time.
  • ASG Capital analyzes the Geographical environment exposure as well as the economic activity focus of the investment concerned.
  • ASG Capital analyzes financial resilience, regulatory factors, historical trends, market capitalization, share ownership and specific items linked to underlying businesses, so as to determine the potential Strengths and Weaknesses of any investment.

Analysis approach

Analysis of the Target Investment

Analysis of the INDUSTRY

Analysis of the Macroeconomic Environment

Our investment funds

ASG Dynamic Income Fund

The objective of this UCITS fund is to provide attractive investment returns in a global context of historically low interests rates and low yields.

ASG Dynamic Income Fund

UCITS created in 2014 available from 1,000 USD or EUR making available a highly diversified investment portfolio.

ASG Enhanced Income Fund

ASG Enhanced Income Fund seeks to generate long-term value for investors, through an income-generating portfolio of securities providing high recurring returns.

ASG Enhanced Income Fund

LP / Offshore Feeder available in USD or EUR for accredited investors giving investors a unique opportunity to obtain high recurring income returns with a prudent use of leverage.

ASG Prime Private Lending Fund

The ASG Prime Private Lending Fund focuses on global lending opportunities, providing direct financing to Real Estate projects across North America (Canada and United States).

ASG Prime Private Lending Fund

SLP available from 125,000 USD/EUR/CAD seeking to deliver investment returns designed to be uncorrelated to traditional financial market performance and volatility.

Our latest news

BarclayHedge Performance Award

We are pleased to announce that ASG Capital has been featured in BarclayHedge’s Monthly performance rankings. ASG Dynamic Income Fund (share class A1 USD) has ranked number 10 in the Fixed Income – Long-Only Credit category for January 2024.

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