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ASG Capital has the ability to help you to take a more Sophisticated Approach to your Fixed Income Investment Strategy through a Separately Managed Account (SMA).

Advantages of a Separately Managed Account:

  • Tailor-made Portfolio built regarding your  specific parameters ;
  • Experienced professionals selecting and managing your basket of fixed income instruments ;
  • Dynamic Investment Strategy: our asset management team carefully manages your portfolio with a nimble investment approach ;
  • Transparency: periodic performance reports and an account access offer a clear view of the investments owned ;
  • Flexibility offered by owing bonds directly, allowing to have more control and make adjustments.

ASG Capital can manage a SMA from a minimum amount of 5M USD / EUR .

Our preferred custodian

Assets advised by ASG Capital can be held with ASG's partnerships' custodians or the investor's custodian of choice.

Interactive brokers

Thanks to its existing partnership deal, ASG Capital proposes a privileged access to the Interactive Brokers (IB) multi-currency electronic trading platform for clients looking for a cost-effective gateway to international financial markets.

Listed on Investors Exchange (ticker Symbol: IBKR)


• Available for US and non-US Investors
• Access to the Premium IBKR Services
• Flexibility

Preferred Provider and Custodian


We provide Strategic Advice on asset allocations, investment policy layout, ongoing portfolio monitoring and risk management to help Institutional Investors to reach their investment program successfully.

This ASG Capital unique expertise has been recognized in the industry by large institutions.

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