Commentary | March 2022

The supply side disruptions and commodity inflation from previous months continued, carried over by the ongoing power struggle between East and West over Ukraine. Furthermore, the Federal Reserve (the Fed.) added its contribution to this unsettled situation. Through an increasingly aggressive policy narrative, the Fed. is now looking to dampen down US aggregate demand in […]

Commentary I February 2022

Welcome to the ‘New World Disorder’. After supply chains were disrupted following the Covid Pandemic, the Eastern European conflict has in turn unsettled world trade leading to spiking prices of many raw materials, energy and shipping. Sanctions on Russia also upset traditional money flows in the Eurodollar system (Dollars exchanged outside of the US). Unconnected […]

Commentary I January 2022

2022 heralds a volatile year, for the vast majority of financial assets As an appetizer, January was marked by many factors contributing to an atmosphere of general uncertainty. The umpteenth Covid variant continued to disrupt supply chains in parts of the world. This has maintained industrial shortages as well as upward pressure on prices of […]

Commentary | December 2021

End of Year 2 And so ends year 2 of the Covid crisis. The last 12 months have seen new variants, lock-downs, curfews, as well as disrupted international trade…. The worldwide vaccination campaign has not quite brought back a return to past normality but it has certainly helped to move in this direction. In the […]

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