Optimizing Portfolio Dynamics: The Benefits of Private Markets in the Investment Sphere

In the world of investing, the choice between private and public markets stands as a pivotal decision for investors seeking an optimal allocation of capital. While public markets have long been the traditional avenue for investments, private markets have been gaining traction over the years revealing a host of advantages which are reshaping the investment […]

Back to Basics, Fixed Income Opportunities 2023

December is the time of the year to look back and reflect. 2022 has been awful for U.S. bonds and Fixed Income assets generally. When we refer to the fundamental math of bond returns, this would point to 2023 being a better year, without repeating the historical level of losses of 2022. The fundamentals To […]

Floaters, a versatile instrument in a rising rate environment

This year has been particularly challenging for bonds. Global fixed income investors have been exposed to an unprecedented ‘rout’. While the mid-year sharp downside is behind us, interest rates are still rising. This is a concern for bondholders as to the future consequences on their investments. It also begs the question of how to take […]

ASG Dynamic Income Fund (UCITS) available on Nortia

A new vehicle of diversification is now available on the Nortia platform. The ASG Dynamic Income fund (UCITS) is a Fixed income fund available in Euro and Dollar specializing in the subordinated debt instruments of blue chip and household names based in the OECD market. Fund details: Management company: AlterDomus Investment Advisor: ASG Capital ISIN […]

Bonds: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Introduction The start of 2022 has been marked by a poor performance in the Fixed Income asset class not seen in decades. Starting from a low base a year earlier, any move towards higher interest rates was destined to have negative consequences on this investment space. Today, the general sentiment remains bearish on Bond instruments. […]

Private Credit in Real Estate

Discover how works private credit in real estate and its advantages… Real estate underlying… Flexibility… ASG Prime Private Lending Fund..

EV Revolution

The most concerned sectors The sectors most concerned with Electric Vehicle (EV) technology are delivery and shipping services. These include entities such as UPS, USPS, DHL, etc. While integrating EV changes in their business model, these corporations will also have to contend with other up and rising competing delivery service providers, of which Amazon is […]

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