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ASG Enhanced Income Feeder Fund

Available for NON-US Accredited Investors only

Investment Advisor

ASG Capital, LLC

Investment Manager

Emerging Asset Management Ltd.


Apex Fund Services Ltd.


Deloitte Audit Ltd.

Subscription/Redemption Date

First Business Day of each month.

Minimum Initial Subscription


Minimum Subsequent Subscription


Redemption Procedure

Redemption monthly with 60 days notice period. Redemption based on NAV including a pro-rata of undistributed coupon

Investment Advisor Fee

Monthly Management Fees of 1% based on fund evaluation values. An additional 15% performance fee is charged annually on fund performance determined annually above an annual high water mark at the end of the fund’s fiscal year.

Eligible Investors

The ASG Enhanced Income Feeder Fund shares are offered only to NON-US Investors.


An investor should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the fund before investing. The offering memorandum and supplement contain more information about the fund and should be read carefully before investing.

Fund Prospectus & Performance Reports

Available upon request.