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Asset Management

ASG Capital invests, through a strategic allocation of its Assets, in a Global Diversified Income Generating Portfolio.

Through a Dynamic investment approach, ASG selects Issuers with robust Balance Sheets and Sustainable Earnings patterns whose objective is to deliver a performance over and above an equivalent Static Portfolio.

  • Actively allocate Assets in a Global Diversified Portfolio of Senior and Subordinated Debt, Preferred Securities, Hybrid Securities, Contingent Convertibles,…
  • Control Credit Risk by investing in Leading Companies (Investment Grade Issuers).
  • Use a flexible allocation method to achieve consistent Risk adjusted Returns.
  • Achieve its performance with NO Leverage and NO Derivatives.
  • Manage a highly diversified portfolio (up to 100 holdings).
  • World, Corporates and Financials Issuers.

Investment Selection

ASG carefully selects Investments in Companies based on a number of characteristics:

  • Their Financial Stability, Cash Flow and Franchise. ASG seeks to determine the investment’s income producing sustainability over time.
  • Their Geographical Exposure and Sector of Business. ASG will analyze the Geographical Environment as well as the Activity Sector of their operations.
  • Regulatory Factors that can or could impact their activity.
  • Historical Trends and the specifics of their Business. ASG will analyze Profit Performance Trends, Market Capitalization, Share Ownership to determine the potential Business Strengths and Weaknesses.

Analysis approach:

Analysis of the Target Investment

Analysis of the type of Bond

Analysis of the Macroeconomic Environment