Miami Office
150 SE 2nd Avenue, Suite 704
Miami, FL 33131
United States

Not Available for US residents.

Investment Advisor

ASG Capital, LLC

Investment Manager

Emerging Asset Management Ltd.


Apex Fund Services Ltd.


Deloitte Audit Ltd.

Subscription/Redemption Date

First Business Day of each month.

Minimum Initial Subscription


Minimum Subsequent Subscription


Redemption Charge

Shareholders that redeem shares during the first 12 months after their subscription of such shares will be subject to a redemption charge of 1%. There will be no charges for redeeming such shares after 12 months Redemption charges will be paid to the Investment Advisor.

Redemption Procedure

Shareholders wishing to redeem must give at least 10 days written notice prior to the relevant Redemption Date.Redemptions will be calculated at the Net Asset Value. Partial redemptions may not reduce a shareholders investment to below the applicable minimum investment amount. Redemptions may be suspended in certain limited circumstances.

Investment Advisor Fee

The Fund will pay the investment advisor a management fee, payable quarterly in advance, in an amount equal to 1/4th of 1.9% of the Net Asset Value of each series of the Fund (approximately 1.9% annually).


Shareholders will receive monthly performance summaries and annual audited financial statements.

Eligible Investors

The ASG Global Allocation Fund shares are offered only to Non-US persons.


An investor should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the fund before investing. The offering memorandum and supplement contain more information about the fund and should be read carefully before investing.

Fund Prospectus

Available upon request.

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