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Marie-Claire Treanton

Marie-Claire Treanton has spent 24 years with BNPP group. She started her career in the international affairs department and then as of 1987 joined the trading room as International Equity arbitragist trader and Merger arb trader (US, Japan, gold mines and continental europe stocks). In 1994 she started and developed the equity finance trading desk and then as of 2001 The Marketing and Sales desk for Equity Finance with personnalize monetization structured trades and Flow trades for institutions,Pension funds.

She founded Infine Partners in 2007 .

Mrs Marie-Claire Treanton is a Non-Executive Board Member of ASG Capital in charge of distribution. She has Master's Degrees in Economics and Finance from Paris University XIII and CNAM (France)

Marie-Claire Treanton n'est pas base' aux Etats-Unis d’Amérique.



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