Sailing in a global Income Universe with a Nimble and Prudent Investment Approach

What we do

ASG Capital is a Registered Investment Advisor in the State of Florida. We manage Portfolios on a Discretionary and Non-Discretionary basis for High-Net-Worth Individuals, Institutional Clients, Corporates and Distributors, International Private Banking, Life Insurance Platforms, Family Offices.

Asset Management

ASG Capital invests, through a strategic allocation of its Assets, in a Global Diversified Portfolio with a special focus placed on Alternative Income Investment Solutions including Preferred Securities, Junior/Senior Debt, Hybrid Securities, Contingent Convertible Bonds and Private Loans.

Investment ManagEment

ASG Capital offers Tailor-Made Investment solutions to answer the specific needs of High-Net-Worth Individuals, Corporate and Institutional Clients. It provides fully independent advice to seek the most relevant investment solutions with international capabilities and one-to-one service.

Our investment philosophy

Unique Investment Solution

Specialized Income Generating Solutions managed by Specialists in this field with a unique Global Management Expertise in this asset class

Investment objective

Generate consistant income returns over time to achieve higher performance returns than traditional fixed income investment solutions

Keep a flexible and nimble investment approach in order to benefit from a changing financial world

Investor profile

Retail, Corporates, Family Offices, Private Banks and Institutional Investors seeking

▹ Higher returns than a classic bond portfolio
▹ Steady and recurring returns on capital invested
▹ To build up capital over time through an income generating solution

Our in-house funds

ASG Dynamic Income

The objective of this UCITS fund is to provide attractive investment returns in a global context of historically low interests rates and low yields.

ASG Dynamic Income Fund

UCITS created in 2014 available from 1,000 USD or EUR making available a highly diversified investment portfolio.

ASG Enhanced Income Fund

ASG Enhanced Income Fund seeks to generate long-term value for investors, through an income-generating portfolio of securities providing high recurring returns.

ASG Enhanced Income Fund

LP / Offshore Feeder available in USD or EUR for accredited investors giving investors a unique opportunity to obtain high recurring income returns with a prudent use of leverage.

ASG Prime Private Lending Fund

The ASG Prime Private Lending Fund focuses on global lending opportunities, providing direct financing to Real Estate projects across North America (Canada and United States).

ASG Prime Private Lending Fund

SLP available from 125,000 USD/EUR/CAD seeking to deliver investment returns designed to be uncorrelated to traditional financial market performance and volatility.

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